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July 08, 2013
Trade Your Tip for $200
Trade Your Tip for $200
Probably the easiest $200 you'll ever make: Submit your DIY tip to HANDY magazine and have a chance to see it published in the Tip Trader department — not to mention help out your fellow handy peeps and possibly win 200 smackeroos in the process.

It's easy to win, just take it from Handyman Club of America member Jeff La Dage of Wetumpka, Alabama, whose tip was included in the February/March 2013 issue of HANDY.

Creative Cutting Board
Club member Jeff La Dage likes to have a sink nearby when he's using a cutting board. That way he can give fruits and vegetables a quick wash before chopping them and push unwanted pieces into the garbage disposer. Inspired to make food prep more efficient, Jeff trimmed a large plastic cutting board to fit within his sink. It rests on top of the sink's small ledge, which provides a stable work surface. For even more convenience, Jeff cut a hole that allows running water to flow through the cutting board and into the sink.

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